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historic day. >> absolutely historic given what it took to get the bill through and the rest is all history. lots of anticipation and excitement filled clerk's offices all over the state today but not crowds as many as expected. same-sex couples lined up overnight at the courthouse in rockville waiting if the clerk's office to hope so fill out a marriage license. ken was the first in line. >> this is my marriage license and my fiance are here and it is all official, which is great. and it is suitable for framing. this is exciting. this is a piece of history. >> following a moan nentose challenge to get a bill recognizing same-sex marriage, they successfully petitions the
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bill on the ballot where voters approved it. the licenses couldn't be given out until the governor made it official. he was part messenger, part facilitater. >> i showed the picture to the clerk but the clerk looked online and saw the formal document. >> the state made slight changes and in january when these licenses become valid the courthouse chapel will ring them in. >> will you so and so take so and so for your lawfully wedded spouse? >> ken and her spouse is waiting to ring in their wedding ceremony they thought without take a lifetime to do. >> i never thought i would be able to marry the person i love. it is earth moving, it really is. >> we made calls to clerk's
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office and those who got back to us only 15 same-sex licenses were awarded. some believe there was little advertising available to make sure everyone knew this was going to happen today. others are explaining that a lot of people prefer a spring rather than a winter wedding. the law takes effect january 1. the state requires a 48 hour waiting period. >> thanks, david. today is a history making day. washington state is the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use. adults over 21 can have no more than an ounce of pot and only use it in private. the new law conflicts with the federal ban on marijuana. it lacks specifics on how to
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regulate producers and growers. >> with the deadline looming and the nation closer to the edge of the fiscal cliff. president obama took his argument on the road again today. an update tonight. >> both sides are trying to sway public opinion their way. president obama travels to falls church, virginia and sat down with a kitchen table talk with a family. the vifert was meant to highlight the consequences of letting the tax cuts expire on the middle class. >> if this family has a couple thousand dollars throast spend it is what the consumers are going to be spending next year. >> democratic leaders are arguing in favor of a tax rate hike on the very rich. >> the people who are making this money are willing to pay the extra money.
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the american people believe they should pay the extra money. >> republican leaders labeling the president as a spendinged a dignity. >> it is about spending more than he already has. >> economists say that joint economic committee hearing turge two sides to compromise. >> you have to nail this down. >> one telling lawmakers it will take a combination of higher tax rates, tax reform, and spending cuts to avert the fiscal cliff. >> i think the president's proposal is short. i think to get where we need to get my $3 trillion target we need $1.2 trillion in spending cuts. >> a growing number of house republicans are open the raising tax rids on the wealthy but only if it is part of a larger reduction deal. >> authorities are identifying the prisoner involved in
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yesterday's police-involved shooting. 30-year-old brine is charged with attempted murder but he is still at the hospital. he was being treated at the e.r. and trying to hide a needle in his clothes after a brief struggle. medical staff an officer stepped in and he went for the gun. we're told he was handcuffed during the entire incident. the officer was grazed by the bullet but did not require medical treatment. an investigationing is underway on what started a deadly fire in baltimore county. 62-year-old william spencer was killed when these flames engulfed his home. this is eyewitness video from one of our viewers. about 80 fire penalty nell was called to the scene just after midnight and we're told it took about two and half hours to get
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everything under control. two firefighters are being treated for minor injuries. >> a teacher's aide is under arrest tonight and accused of sex abuse. the victims are three girls and happened while the aide was at the school. lowell has the details. >> 37-year-old collar rans taylor was arrested earlier this morning without incident. police say over a three-year period he touched, rubbed, and hugged three girls that were in his care multiple times. howard county police say back in 200837-year-old clarence taylor was trusted over watching students at maryland school for the deaf in columbia and now shocking allegations have come forth from three different female students accusing taylor of inappropriate touching from that time to 2010. >> the school is an overnight
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school. so many students stay there over the night. >> the three girls ages 15 to 16 are at another school told authorities that he touched them inappropriate. the girls were ages 10, 11, and 12. it was recently that one of the girls came forward because she had heard what happened to her had happened to another girl. >> she initially thought she may have been the only victim of this suspect's but recently got some information that led her to believe there might be other victims and that is why she decided to report it. >> taylor was arrested thursday morning has been susspemmedsed from his current job. school officials decline comment pending the outcome of the police investigation. taylor is facing three counts of sexual abuse of a minor which is a felony.
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police also believe there may be more victims out there so they are asking parents with any information to call the police department at 410-313-3200. >> police are trying to track down the man they say burglarized a business while wearing a mask. the problem for the crook, he for got to keep the disguise on the whole time. take a look at the gentleman in these swans pictures. he targeted the tobacco emporium saturday morning. as you can see, the man had half way on and in these photos let his face show through. he took an undisclosed amount of money, if you recognize the man or know anything about this you are asked to call police. >> a baltimore tradition is ready for its close up.
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tonight, the lighting of the washington monument. we're live where she is about to host the "a monumental occasion." >> there is so much going on down here, i wish you were here. the weather is nice and joining me is ranger ben and his charming companion. i'm used to seeing you in a uniform but not this uniform. what is going on? >> a civil war promoting the historical society tonight. maryland's historical society is open for free tonight. you can see the 1812 exhibit and free food and santa claus and stuff for the kids. go be here for the lighting and go back and forth. >> it only a block and a half away right? >> it is. you can come and see the lighting and have fun at the
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historical society. >> how are you staying warm? >> we're walking about and greeting people and that is helping? >> long johns? if they are she's not telling. if monument lighting tonight join us live at 7:00. it is going to be a beautiful thing. the lighting begins at 7:45 but we go live at 7:00. back to you. >> from the beautiful things to some of the not so beautiful things. we have to tell you about the street closures to avoid. and there is more information on our website and it starts also 7:00. >> john hopkins is a world-class institution. >> up next how this educational plans to help its neighbors. >> ben roethlisberger will or won't he sign. as the steelers chase the ravens
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coming up in sports. >> we see wet weather coming in from the west. we'll check out that out in the seven-day forecast.
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>> a cash infusion from the neighbors around john hopkins university. $10 million, the money is from the school to help fund projects, projects that will be chosen by the neighbors
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themselves. it is to promote and buying more from local businesses. the announcement was made today. >> it has become clear that the interest of our neighbors, safe streets, the elimination of dilapidated properties, and the work force are also the interest of our university. after all, the future of john hopkins is linked to that of the community and we're deeply, deeply, and purposefully committed to baltimore's success. >> there is 10 neighboring communities that surround the cam pass that qualify to receive some of the money. >> it looks like we timed the weather perfectly for the lighting of the washington monument. ava is down there at the monument. as long as we can keep the rain away you can't ask for much
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more. >> can you imagine fit was 70 degrees right now? it would be hard to get into the holiday spirit. it is not that bad i'm dressed in layers and i feel fine. temperatures are not too bad around the monument i'm measuring 42 degrees. all the activity, all the lights, and the food venders i think it adds a little bit of heat. so things are looking good, we have the mostly clear skies and it is a good thing that the winds are light as well. i was talking to the engineering this morning who help put on the fireworks and wind is crucial to have very light winds for the fireworks. it is key to have this event go off without a hitch. as you can see, the crowd is filling up, and the music is going. people are dressed for the occasion, they have their festive winter gear on and it
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feels like the holidays. we'll continue to have updates live from mount vernon. >> here's what we expect for the next couple of hours. 36 to 40 degrees or so. the good news is it is a great atmosphere. almost calm winds for the most part so perfect timing to bring in some typically chilly december weather. 42 was the high at the airport and that is six below the average. the morning started with temperatures in the 20's. it is going to be cold tonight but as the clouds increase and thicken the clouds may help the temperatures to stop falling. centreville is at 36 degrees. it is freezing in frederick. we're going to keep a close eye on those locations especially in the colder valley and frederick county and up into the southern p.a.
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the national weather service issued a freezing rain advisory for parts of the valleys and western pennsylvania. potential for icy spots tomorrow morning. if you are going up on the pennsylvania turnpike be on the look for that. increasing cloudiness and light winds. you can see moisture down here coming out of tennessee. it is close to southwestern virginia now. it will continue to make its way to the south and the east. it will trigger a few showers and bringing those temperatures back up above normal. it is in the 50's and 60's now our weekend will be mild but with the front lingering in the area a risk of the a shower also lingers. weekends use some rain it has been dry here in the past couple of weeks. mostly dry conditions, only a slight chance for a shower on
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sunday. generally, a cloudy day near the bay and then finally a stronger front will cut across the area on monday and that's when we'll clear things out. 47 to 52 tomorrow with light southeast winds. on the bay winds will average 5 to 10 knots. temperatures start to climb after a chilly night, the warm front goes through, we hit 57 on saturday. 64 on monday then a cold front goes through, a shower on tuesday and by middle of next week highs are back down into the 40's. >> it is a novelty when the schedule came down. the ravens will get a look at the robert griffin iii in person. rg3 has been a star and mars is
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sixth round running back with no fanfare but has six touchdowns. combined with griffin's passing and running they have a dynamic offense. to prepare, they are doing an impersonation of rg3. >> i was shocked. here's what i need to do and they were looking at me like, what am i? i said you can jump in there. he got in there yesterday and started riding that thing down and i was like holy smokes. he is doing a great job for us. >> all right, he has a attorney by accept muscle on thursday. he is working out on a limited basis. he could play this week against
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washington but will remain a game-time decision. he did not practice today and was missed last week against pittsburgh. the steelers made it official that ben roethlisberger will start sunday against the chargers. he missed the last two games with a rib injury. they managed a win in there somewhere. roethlisberger says he feels good but it depends on how well he can take a hit. as to whether or not roethlisberger is healthy enough to play that is a tough job week in and week out. >> it is probably because i can tell him i will go every week regardless if i'm 10% i will tell him i can. >> so we'll know sunday. adam nelson will know if he's an olympic champion in 2004? he ranked second place in the
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shot put. they recently retested their urine sample and they keep those tests for eight years and it did reveal that it tested possible forster voids and he was stripped of his gold medal. hopefully that will be justice. one more check of the forecast with tom coming up.
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>> here's a look at what we're working for 11:00 news tonight. same-sex couples can file for marriage licenses. plus, the holiday season in full swing around baltimore. how around town ovepbts are helping local communities bottom lines. we'll have this and more
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>> we'll check tom's forecast. >> a little bit of rain as temperatures climb. we could use some rain, we have not had much rain at all. a very dry november. twearble since sandy weapon through. a slight risk of a sprinkle on saturday and sunday and the rain chances go up with a cold front arriving next monday. >> that's it for us tonight. >> "nightly news" with brian
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williams is next. don't forget the monument
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